Madhav Prasadji Birla


Sri M. P. Birla was a great entrepreneur with extraordinary management skills. He was a true visionary. Deeply influenced by the Karmayogi concept of Mahatma Gandhi, he built his business empire with a vision to serve the nation and its people. He created wealth with his exemplary entrepreneurship and returned it to society by investing in infrastructure for education, science and healthcare.

Priyamvadaji Birla


Smt. Priyamvadaji Birla succeeded Shri M. P. Birla and under her stewardship, the group grew in all aspects.

Rajendraji S. Lodha


Shri R. S. Lodha followed Smt. Priyamvadaji Birla as Chairman. He consolidated the growth of the group and led it into the future.

Shri Harsh V Lodha

Chairman, MP Birla Group

The MP Birla Group has been playing a pro-active role in the socio-economic uplift of the community in terms of health, education, rural infrastructure development etc. The attributes of Heart and Strength, inherently ingrained in the MP Birla Group by Syt. Madhav Prasadji Birla and Smt. Priyamvadaji Birla, have truly helped us lend a hand, extend support and be there in someone's hour of need. The Priyamvada Birla Institute of Nursing will help us go a step further in our health care initiatives.